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God will give you the victory

Don’t allow anything to separate you from God, especially temporary pleasures that leave long-term consequences that you cannot live with. If you’re relying on anything other than God , run to hem . Lay out your heart, surrender your sins, and allow God to do what only He can do – fill you with HisContinue reading “God will give you the victory”

Some of my memories and thoughts — sicilygeorge

It is a pleasure to think of our descendants who once lived in the same house with grandparents’ parents and siblings in a house in the past. There was more reserve. When a problem arises everyone stands together. Marriages decided by all together. Happiness or sadness was resolved together. With the passing of the thought […]Continue reading “Some of my memories and thoughts — sicilygeorge”

Two aspects of a life — sicilygeorge

In the world, in India, only in Kerala, do boys get married because they want the wealth of women?. Punishment should be given to those who marry for the sake of a woman’s wealth and to those who harm a woman. Those who hurting women should be punished for the rest of their life. Archana, […]Continue reading “Two aspects of a life — sicilygeorge”

Thoughts in the mind — sicilygeorge

The mind is our friend and enemy. The mind will show good and bad. Our focus should be on the good things the mind says and not on the bad things. Those who fall into wrong decisions, they should make them a new person by saying good things. Raise and educate your beloved children: When […]Continue reading “Thoughts in the mind — sicilygeorge”

Some things have changed — sicilygeorge

Beloved, what is the world teaching us these days? We have to think about how we live and how many people around us are affected by covid 19 disease.In my old times I used to see water in front of the house, and when families come home after work, they enter the house after cleaning […]Continue reading “Some things have changed — sicilygeorge”

Insight — sicilygeorge

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. Matthew 24:4 There is an enemy in this world who can cause us problems and make us misguided. Satan even tried to tempt Jesus. how carefully should we live in this world? Must be in prayer at all times. Satan is the one who destroyed families. Problems […]Continue reading “Insight — sicilygeorge”

Pray for Others — sicilygeorge

It is not enough for me to pray for myself. We must also pray for others. Kovid-19 virus has wiped out a lot of people, especially during this time.There are a lot of people who are not feeling well in hospitals and at home. Pray for them, for the health workers, and for those who […]Continue reading “Pray for Others — sicilygeorge”

If you can forgive your enemy, why can’t forgive your family? — My Journey by Grace

Life is going very fast. I just look around, and someone wants to tell me something about their family. But I don’t want to hear their personal matters, because if you have any personal issue in your family, just open your heart for who are waiting for. I hope that’s good. Please solve your family […]Continue reading “If you can forgive your enemy, why can’t forgive your family? — My Journey by Grace”

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