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Finally in Family Court

I thought I was a good husband. Because I loved my wife very much and never showed my selfishness to her. I gave her only the best in everything I did. When ever she told me her wishes, everything was done in the great way without ever informing her of my pain. My life was ruined by a family in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Later one of them married my wife without any understanding of law. Because legally she is still my wife. At the same time, she came to my place and filed for divorce. Before she leave me she told me that she had to go to Mumbai for work. These incidents take place between January and March 2021. I was sitting at home and working without fully understanding this. suddenly a unexpected phone call came from police officer. After that everything changed. I had to go to the police station and the court. Those who know me stood by me, that is my family and my wife’s family came with me to the police station and the court. Because of that, everyone understood that I did not make a mistake.

Those were the hardest days of my life. Even then I did not know that her second marriage was over. I waited for her without knowing it. I felt that I would die if i stayed at home, so I quit my job in the country and started living in Dubai. Even though she did all this to me, I didn’t hate her, I had hope that she would realize her mistake and come back. As I expected, she contacted me in January 2022.

She said that she apologized to me for everything she had done and wanted to come back in my life. For that she has to pay back the debts that she incurred so she asked me for money. In between she started talking to me like she used to and repeated many times that she likes me. I trusted her and sent money many times. When I tried to contact her after sending the last money, I realized that I was blocked by her and cheated again. Then I completely understood her that she is a fraud.

3 months after that incident, I got her illegal second marriage video. With that, I regained the trust of everyone who was on me. On August 23, the family court called us for the fourth time. My family and her family came for me as I was in another country. There we came to know that she never appeared in the court after filing the case. I expected it because everyone understood her character and couldn’t stand in front of everyone.

Now I hate her because she understood my mind and abused me for money and used me well.

Now I am happy and living with good hope. One day, I’ll find someone who loves me back as much as I do. Even if it doesn’t happen, I will continue to travel through life. Always my thanks to God only for showing me everything at the right time.

Published by ALU

A Normal Person,100% Honest,100% & Trustful Person.

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