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It was magical

My love was a magical feeling. My wife never realized how much I loved my wife and yet I fell in love with her deeply and always again. I had to stay away from her for the sake of my job. I fell deeply in love with her every morning and every night with her absence. The desire to see her every day was growing in my heart. My dream was to achieve her desires and goals. I was so proud to tell friends about my wife. Only my closest friends knew how much I missed my wife. She was with me at the same time two years ago. My eyes filled with tears when she landed at the airport that day. I hugged her without even looking at the surroundings. I experienced a joy that day that I had never experienced before. I still remember my friends telling me that they had seen my face happily ever since. I love the food my wife makes and I really enjoyed it. I loved watching my wife sleep and often holding me close and sleeping. Sometimes she would lie with her head on my chest. she loved the way I caress her head. Those two months were really magical for me. I love her smell. I do not like to keep her away from me even if she has a cold and fever. In fact, I do not even like her getting sick. I’m sad to see her suffer. I loved her with all my heart. But when she came to me that day, I realized that there were small changes in her behaviour. But I did not take seriously , because in my mind I was only in love with her. It was also a firm belief that no wrong would be done. We would go out almost every day and travel and walk together. My heart was pounding as it was time for her to go back. So the day came for her to go back. I only asked her one thing before leaving. I asked for a dress that she used because I wanted to smell her when I missed her. i still carries the dress she used with me. So at the airport where she was going that day, I lost that magic again or I was in deep grief again. For two or three days I cried a lot and I cried without anyone seeing or even hearing me. Then when I saw her she seemed totally changed and walking with a very hostile mind towards me. So she left me and went with someone else. This was the last real magic in my heart. Sometimes I am in so much pain and sometimes good memories with her come to my mind and then I laugh. But I’m sure no man can endure as much as I loved her, which is why God gave her to me. When I listen to some songs, when I watch some movies, when I experience certain situations, the love that I show to her, the love that she shows to me, all the memories, it’s really magical, the only magic that can happen once in a lifetime. No matter who she loves anymore, the sincere & pure love we have for each other can not be given to anyone else. That is the love of husband and wife.


Published by ALU

A Normal Person,100% Honest,100% & Trustful Person.

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