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My time is Reaching

No complaints everything is my mistake. I don’t understand people mind but better stay away from them. May be I am a mistake for everyone especially for her that’s why she used me like tissue paper. Now pain is like part of my life but soon I kill this. When I started know about life there was lots of dreams and ambitions. But I kept lots of love for the one who going to love me. So I was started live for her dreams and achievements. I didn’t think about myself. I didn’t became selfish. When matters comes to her she choose only for herself. She forget the pain, struggling that I was carried for her. Now what happens she left me and she found new love.

If someone reads this blog don’t think why I am so negative. My life is advice to speak for my friends like me who live for others. Learn to stand on your own two feet first before living for others and only then go on to help others. I have no complaints with my God. Because i am big mistake . if i leave from this earth it will be more benefits for others especially to my wife. I don’t ask for anything. Now I have taken on a responsibility that is only a few months away. After that I can leave this earth without disturbing anyone.

I can not see my wife loving someone else, marrying someone else and having children. She cheated on me so beautifully and stole all my wealth. My family and I helped her to reach Canada. I can not cheat another knowing that I will not be able to see others in the place of my wife whom I sincerely love with all my heart God bless my wife abundantly.

Published by ALU

A Normal Person,100% Honest,100% & Trustful Person.

6 thoughts on “My time is Reaching

  1. Don’t. Wait 3 months until the severest pain is over. You will see God has a plan for you, a purpose beyond this lost soul who has hurt you. God needs you here to witness and help people who have also been hurt. I feel your pain and despair. The Holy Spirit will comfort you. Ask Him to. Let Him. I just prayed for you.❤

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