Losing Myself

Sometimes death is blessing instead of painful heart. God definitely have bigger plans for me but in my journey i lost what i wanted. Definitely i having a career but not the one i dreamed before. Infront me everything is new.  But it was not the place I wanted it to be or above.  It’s just that everything has become below what is wanted.  All of this is because of these two individuals alone. I lost everything because of these two people. They have gained a lot by cheating on me and my family. My death will be the highest achievement in their lives that I can give them. I’m responsible for all this and do not blame anyone.  I’m the one who brought her into my life. Those who have done wrong live decently, happily with angel face. But My life was ruined for their happiness.

Slowly I lose myself. I find it a miracle that I have lived this long. How long ahead for me!!…

Published by LEV

A Normal Person,100% Honest,100% & Trustful Person.

4 thoughts on “Losing Myself

  1. Oh CANA, Don’t give up! You have so much to offer this world. Sometimes if feels like we don’t know what to do next, but when you turn your heart to others, it all becomes clear! Pray for people that are going through the things you have gone through. Then when you meet them, encourage them along the way. Turn your pain into a cause for reaching others and pulling them closer to their Savior, Jesus. We all go through difficult times, but God want to change them into something to help others through their struggles.

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  2. I am praying for you and that God’s love surrounds you in this time as you press into Him to know all the wonderful plans He has for your future! He will never let you down when you follow Him!


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