My last flight

I made this flight journey a few months ago. My journey was from Singapore to Kerala. I left Singapore with a little sadness. I got some good friends and a good life lesson from Singapore. As I write this blog today I miss them all. What I like the most is air travel. Except for the departure time and the landing time, I like to sit on the plane, especially looking out the window. When I look, I see how beautiful God created the earth.

I am going back to my home after two years. It was an eager journey to see my wife and family. I was reluctant to eat Indian food in Singapore and I really want to eat mother homemade food. I wanted to come back to my country and do a lot of things that I could not do in Singapore for two years.

This flight was a bit special because it is a flight during covid19 time. So this trip was like going to war. What I felt at the airport on departure and arrival was very different from normal. There were not many passengers with me.

For five hours I was at the very top of the earth. I am a person who really wanted to fly and travel on a plane. I like to look at the sky outside the plane while others sleep on the plane. I always wanted to see these beautiful views directly. Some beautiful views still linger in my mind. There are still a lot of dreams and hopes. I still dreaming a lot of flight journeys. I have a lot of desire to show my family the sky views live and I hope that it will be possible once.

I wish everyone a beautiful day.

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