Correct our mistakes

In today’s blog, I want to tell you about the parables that Jesus told in Luke chapter fifteen. Jesus told 3 parables in this chapter. The meaning of all three parables is the same.

In the first parable, the shepherd rejoices when he finds a lost sheep. The second parable refers to the joy of a woman when she finds a lost coin. The third parable is of the joy the father feels when he finds his lost son back.

In all three parables, the Lord Jesus says that the sorrow that a master feels when he loses what is in his hand, but the joy that comes when he found it back. Jesus says that there is joy in heaven when the owner gets back what he loved and cared for. In the first two parables the master goes down to find the lost. The third parable Jesus told is about a lost son. According to the will of the son, he took the wealth from his father and left as he wished. The son lost all his possessions because of his wrong decision. The son wanted to come back because he had the wisdom to understand his mistake. The son also realized that he had done wrong to his father and to heaven. When the son returned to his father, the father received him without any hesitation and with much love. The first son was angry with his father and yet he loved him without any hesitation. The father told the first son that it was the missing son, who was the dead son and he came back then we needed to celebrate.

We need to understand how heaven rejoices when a sinful person returns from wrong to right path. Sometimes we fall into sin because of our ignorance and sometimes because of the advice of our friends. In the third parable, it took a long time for the son to realize his mistake, he had to lose all his possessions, he had to starve, he had to do an unwanted job. The father gave his wealth to his son because he loved him so much. But the son lost it all, but his father accepted him. Just as a father loves his son and his family loves his family, so a friend does not truly love his friends. We should not be deceived by the love of others and the money in our hands.

What Jesus wanted to say in parables is that heaven wants a sinful man to return to goodness. We need to recognize whether everything we do in life is right or wrong. Sometimes we make a mistake and lose everything we have. We may lose whatever good we had or whatever blessings we had. There is nothing wrong with apologizing if we have made a mistake. We need to examine ourselves to see if we are living in goodness. It is not our friends or neighbors who have to tell us right and wrong, we must have a sense of self. Pray to God and ask if what we are doing is right or wrong. When we realize our mistakes, never hesitate to return to the right path. Sometimes we have to apologize to our sin to an older person and we have the opportunity to apologize for as long as that person lives. In all three parables, Jesus speaks of the joy that comes from changing from sin to a good path. The Lord Jesus is still watching over us from heaven. He wants us to correct our mistakes.

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