When I met her

The first time I saw her was on a bus. I met her online. I was so excited to get on that bus. When I got on the bus I saw her in the seat but I did not have the courage to go and sit next to her. The first thing I saw at my glance was her eyes and her hair. My heart was pounding like a motor. I went to the seat just in front of her. I could see the curiosity in her face as well. The bus journey had not started so there was no one there and we looked at each other. There was a small laugh between us. When the bus started, I went to her next seat with a heavy heart. For the first time, I heard her voice directly and it was a much more beautiful sound than what I heard on the phone. I was there wondering if she would like me.

I was talking about 9 years ago. I still remember what happened at that time. Those were the moments when I realized what true love is. Today I got a photo of her that she gave me at that time. At that time, if she liked me, I wanted her to be my wife. I sat next to her and watched her for a while. I loved her from the first time I spoke to her on the phone. The first time she called me was on Valentine’s day. My doubt was whether she would like me when I saw her in person. When I saw her, she did not see much use of makeup. Her hair was very natural. That’s what I liked about her. She was very natural.

I did not sleep that night. When I saw her, a song was coming to my mind. I was able to hold her hand. I watched as she slept. She would repeatedly open her eyes and look at me and then fall asleep. When all the passengers on the bus were asleep, the song that came to my mind was singing. I stared at her for a while and then looked out of the bus for a while. I was praying in my heart that this journey would not end. She was occasionally sleeping with her head on my shoulder. I covered her with a blanket because it was nice and cold. We arrived at that place together. In the morning she asked me what song I was singing. That song came to my mind because when we got on the bus that song was playing on the bus. I still have the love I had for her on the trip.

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