My Singapore Life

After completing my studies, I wanted to go and work in Singapore. So it was seven years later that I was lucky enough to reach Singapore. I had the opportunity to work in Singapore for two years. It was a great blessing from God for me to get a job in Singapore. I still remember the first day I first arrived in Singapore. I have been to Malaysia and Canada before, but this one was completely different. I thought that there was no other place like my home place Kerala (Gods Own Country). But now I love Singapore so much. When I first arrived in Singapore I realized that I had never seen a place as clean as this one. A place with very clean air and clean space. Singapore is a very high-quality place in terms of technology and living standards. I had no friends other than those who worked with me in Singapore because I was more attracted to Singapore beauty. I had the opportunity to see places in Singapore when my wife came because I was too busy for work. Now I have two good friends in Singapore. When I got back home from Singapore it was very difficult for me to adjust.

After my workplace and my house, the place I spent the most time was in a place called Punggol Plazza. This is the place I went to buy groceries and go eat at other times. After this place, I used to go to another place and that was the waterway mall. What I missed the most there was my wife and then my favorite food items. In some places, I was very happy to get South Indian food. I want to bring my family there in Singapore once this covid disease is gone from this world. If you get a chance you should definitely go and see Singapore.

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192 thoughts on “My Singapore Life

      1. I’m not so sure that I’m a Christian because I have been doing some bad things, and plus I haven’t been to Church since this whole Covid-19 has happened and I HATE the Covid and wearing THESE mask.


      2. I know, but where I live my church still has it. It only have it in the big part, but no Sunday school or anything else.


      3. Going to church is a good thing but we can talk to God at home. We can talk to God when we walk, when we sit, when we go toilet…God loves us so much..


      4. Suddenly a phone call came. Tell Jesus your mistake in the same way Jesus will forgive you. Talk to Jesus with an open mind..


      5. if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.1 john 1:9


      6. I’m sure he might forgive me, but I’m not really sure because I have done a lot of bad thing in the past and I still repeat them.


      7. then pray to god about your situation…tell him you don’t know how to way out from this problem…pray that you need jesus.


      8. Come on, you said that you’ll help me with anything. I think that you should know, if you don’t then look it up, okay?


      9. I know that feeling. I know because I don’t like this Covid-19. It’s all over the world. People now these days they HATE this whole Covid.


      10. True it does hide our emotions, but these mask are hard to breathe in as well.


      11. Ok, I guess. I have been doing some really, really bad things over the years that since I have been with my mom and my step-dad for over 6 years I have been with them.


      12. Whatever your situation study well… Find a career… Take a good job… Then everything will be alright… pray to God for overcome all the sin…


      13. True, but I can’t really tell what I have done to anyone, only my family.


      14. I don’t want my collage year over because I won’t get to see my friends.


      15. You probably don’t know her her name is “Abbagail Eagleburk.” She is my very, very best friend!!!!


      1. How heavy is the rain there? Just pray to God that everything will go fine, okay? He will hear you, okay?


      2. If your still there, I just posted a post that says “Read This Christians.”


      3. Actually today I was bit upset with my situation but when I saw your post with Bible verses it’s changed my mind


      4. Happy to help, with the situation about with your family that made you upset.


      5. So, has someone has die and went to heaven, right? I’m so sorry for that.


      6. Just remember the family member that you think that has die, their in Heaven. Just remember that, okay?


      7. I’m so sorry for your wife leaving you, and going to live someone else, (meaning her parents). I hope that she comes back to you. You’ll be okay. Okay?


      8. i have only hope. But God will take the decision for me..what ever it is I am ready to accept..😢


      9. I want to ask you something…you said you have some problems in your life. After 10 min I am going for family we going to pray only for any particular thing is there to pray?


      10. I wan you to pray for the fighting in my family, my step-dad drinking, for me and my older sisters to stop fighting, for my 9 year old brother to stop hurting himself.


      11. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.James 5:16…


      12. did you understand about this? “Lord Jesus, Abide in me, Bless me and make me a blessing to others.”


      13. No, but i’m going to get a job, but I don’t know what the name is!!!!


      14. wow..congratulations…you will get a good job 💐..before you go just pray to God for this opportunity.


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