My Singapore Life

After completing my studies, I wanted to go and work in Singapore. So it was seven years later that I was lucky enough to reach Singapore. I had the opportunity to work in Singapore for two years. It was a great blessing from God for me to get a job in Singapore. I still remember the first day I first arrived in Singapore. I have been to Malaysia and Canada before, but this one was completely different. I thought that there was no other place like my home place Kerala (Gods Own Country). But now I love Singapore so much. When I first arrived in Singapore I realized that I had never seen a place as clean as this one. A place with very clean air and clean space. Singapore is a very high-quality place in terms of technology and living standards. I had no friends other than those who worked with me in Singapore because I was more attracted to Singapore beauty. I had the opportunity to see places in Singapore when my wife came because I was too busy for work. Now I have two good friends in Singapore. When I got back home from Singapore it was very difficult for me to adjust.

After my workplace and my house, the place I spent the most time was in a place called Punggol Plazza. This is the place I went to buy groceries and go eat at other times. After this place, I used to go to another place and that was the waterway mall. What I missed the most there was my wife and then my favorite food items. In some places, I was very happy to get South Indian food. I want to bring my family there in Singapore once this covid disease is gone from this world. If you get a chance you should definitely go and see Singapore.

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