Before Beginning Part 10

Miracle from God

It was a miracle that happened in our family life.Family life was going very normally.We both wanted to settle in foreign country.We were both sending a lot of job applications for that.Your first dream was to go to Australia.We could not go because of the financial problem at that time.So we waited for three years for this.2017 My wife told me she got a job.But she told me that the company’s demand was to come to Canada to get that job.So my dad gave us some cash to go to Canada.We arrived in Canada in January 2018.We arrived there on a six-month visiting visa.Two months later my wife told me that there was no job offer.We only had cash to stay in Canada for four months.I was very shocked to hear what my wife told me.I had no idea what to do next.So I came home in the fifth month.My wife wanted a job in Canada so she didn’t want to come home.So I returned home with a broken heart.I cried until I got home because my wife did not come with me.I wanted to arrange cash for my wife to stay in Canada. Those were the saddest days.I was looking for a job because there was no one to lend me cash.So I was weeping before my God for a job.I prayed all the time while walking and sitting.So I first got a job offer in Dubai.I could not accept that job when it came to salary.I realized that the Dubai salary was not enough to send to my wife.So I kept praying again.Then I got a job offer from Singapore.But they had a condition that I should get there first in Singapore and then see my work for a month.I arrived in Singapore with the help of friends.So after I worked for a week, they liked my performance.

They told me they were going to apply for a work visa for me and I jumped with joy.My God heard my prayer and blessed me.Only my God can do this miracle.I will always be thankful to God because it was my God who gave me that job.From there I made cash to pay my wife’s accommodation in Canada 🇨🇦.I still have tears in my eyes when I think about it. Thank God so much.God was with us to comfort us in our grief.

Singapore 🇸🇬

Our financial problems started to get a little better from there.

Published by ALU

A Normal Person,100% Honest,100% & Trustful Person.

4 thoughts on “Before Beginning Part 10

  1. Thank you for your honest posts, Cana. You are searching for answers in all the right places when you are looking to Jesus and God’s Word. There is nothing like heartache to drive us to our knees and seek His face. When things are going well, we don’t remember how much we rely on our Savior, but when things go wrong, we lean on Him and learn from Him and He makes us whole. You are already living proof of that!

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