Before Beginning Part 5


Miracles 2

Today is a blessed day.Jesus was crucified for our sins.All our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus.It is not enough to say thank you for the love that Jesus showed.My wife and I ask Jesus for forgiveness for our sins.As everyone knows my wife is not with me now but yesterday I heard one of her news.My wife is not feeling well and has a fever and a cold.There is one thing that my wife likes the most at this time.My wife loves it when I hug her and touch her head.But now my wife doesn’t even like to talk to me so I keep my distance.But I like my wife a lot and I miss her so much.I pray for my wife to be happy,safe and at peace wherever she is.

Here is the miracle I want to tell you today.While I was studying for my diploma, I suddenly started having a stomach ache.It only happens for a day and I had that pain with vomiting at the time.I could not eat that day or sleep that night.So vomited I was eliminating all the food in my stomach to change the pain.It comes once or twice a month so for about four or five years I was in pain.When the pain finally came so much more so I was admitted to the hospital.The doctors said I had a condition called appendix so I needed surgery.The doctors told me that if I did not have surgery immediately and changed it, I would be a danger in my life.My dad told the doctors that we can come to the hospital tomorrow and be admitted.After that, Priest and his wife came to my house to pray.There was a big prayer that day with a lot of crying.Two miracles happened that day, one of which was that my stomach ache never came back.I did not have a surgery for that.God blessed a great miracle for me there.I offer a lot of thanks and praise to my God.It is the second greatest testimony that God has given me in my life.I tell you my friends, if you are suffering from any illness, pray for it and it will be answered.May God bless you all and may you be blessed in this testimony of mine.In the name of Jesus, amen

Kovalam Beach

Jesus, you shed your blood on the cross for us, we thank you for saving our life.Jesus, be with me. I pray that you will make me happy in my sorrow. Amen.

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