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Powerful Advice-1

The word of God has great power and I have a lot of experience to say so. I want to say one thing about it here. I was very disappointed. I lost a lot of money because of one person’s ingenuity. At the time, I was wondering if I was a fool or not. ThatContinue reading “Powerful Advice-1”

A Day In My Life.

If I do not need to go to work, then I can get up early in the morning easily, but the day I have to go to work is very difficult. One of the things that makes me happy right now is that I can sleep without a burden on my mind. The car IContinue reading “A Day In My Life.”

A special Feeling

In my mind, I have started a deep love affair with someone. But this is a special love for me because I do not want to bring the person I love into my life. Because that woman deserves someone better than me in life. But why did I suddenly think that way about that girl?Continue reading “A special Feeling”

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God Is Love


Travels of : ँ : a Yogin


I read, rant and write ;)

Today&Till Eternity

Burden less, love your toddler more.

Wordy Spirit


from fear to freedom

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful


Poetry, story and real life. Once soldier, busnessman, grandfather and Poet.

Whosoever Will, May Come

Faithful Believers, Are There Any Left?

Veracity Quest

A Christian conservative's search for truth in a world full of lies.


A Lay Cistercian Looks at Spiritual Reality

My perception and views on different aspects of life that many don't think about, aspects that many aren't yet open minded about. If you like what you read, please do leave a donation if you can as it does take a lot of time, effort and thought to write these articles. The Donation page will be at the top of the website, if that does not work then scroll to the bottom of the website and you will find the Donation page as well as Contact Information and About Me

Daily Manna with Your Mug

Spiritual encouragement for your heart, mind and soul that will make you smile.

Laura's Ramblings

personal blog of my life and my thoughts on life

Total Obscurity

Just visiting this planet...

Very Well Wellness

Build a Better You

Nom Nim

Sử dụng máy dịch chạy bằng cơm.

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